Frequently Asked Questions

Hearing tests

What defines audiometric testing (a hearing test) that is WHS and WorkCover compliant?
What is involved with a hearing screening test?
How long does audiometry testing take?
What about free hearing tests?
How often do staff need to be tested?
What is an ideal testing environment?
Can results be faked?
What happens if tests show a hearing loss?

Custom hearing protection

What is custom hearing protection?
What is the difference between different custom moulded hearing protectors that are on offer?
What are the benefits in having custom hearing protector program?
How does your custom plug improve on others on the market?
Can anyone have custom moulded protection?

Noise assessments

Why should you do a noise assessment?
How often should a noise assessment be done?
What's the usefulness of a noise assessment?
What equipment is used by Hearing @ Work?